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Got Questions?

Do I need to be fit to join in at Matrix Health and Fitness?

No, that’s why you’re coming to see us. There are all different ranges of fitness levels and at the end of the day you’re only competing against yourself. It’s good to have a mixture of people & fitness levels, so you can aspire to the next level and push yourself that little bit harder. We have a basic fitness test every 4 weeks so you have a measurable baseline to improve on, so make sure you chat with your trainer to find our when your next fitness test day is.

How long does each class run for?

MHaF classes are 1 hour in length. The only exception to this are the Thursday 6pm and 6.30pm sessions, these are both 30 mins classes. Please arrive to be 5 mins early as we start our classes on time every time. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE!!! If you are late you will miss the warm up component of the session which is VERY IMPORTANT. If you need to leave early please advise your trainer and make sure you stretch.

Do classes run on Public Holidays?

Classes are not held on Public Holidays and we have a break each year from Christmas to mid January. We’ll let you know well in advance of these dates.

What results can I expect to see?

By training with our “get fit fast functional training” - you can expect to see significant improvements in your cardiovascular fitness, your energy and endurance levels will also increase. You will tone up and get stronger and make awesome friends while you get super fit and strong. Our trainers deliver real results for real people and remember our promise is that you will work harder and achieve more than you ever thought you could or would!! Wouldn’t you like to start seeing great results in 2 to 3 weeks?

What do the classes consist of?

An ever-changing variety of exercises that are based around functional movements which will make everyday activities a whole lot easier AND will make you energised plus look & feel fantastic. Things like:

  • Walking, jogging and sprinting
  • Body weight exercises
  • Resistance bands
  • Team-building drills & skills
  • Boxing
  • Core training
  • Muscular endurance & toning

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What other services does Matrix Health and Fitness offer?

If our classes are not your thing or just feel a bit too much to start with, we do offer One on One Personal Training. We have an amazing team of Trainers who would LOVE to help you to achieve your goals of being a fitter, healthier and stronger you.

Our Vision: Imagine a world where everyone exercised and ate healthy nutritious food JUST to be fitter, healthier and stronger. Where we didn’t worry about what the magazines or the media said we should look like and what size our pants should be...! Imagine it. At MHaF that is the world that we would like to help create.

Our Mission: Is to deliver real results for real people and to help you MAKE THE CHOICE for health & fitness to be a “forever” lifestyle.

Our promise: You will work harder and achieve more than you ever thought you could or would!!

Can I put my membership on hold if I go holidays?

Of course, everyone deserves and needs a holiday. We are more than happy to place your membership on hold - please email us at least 7 days prior. Note, minimum holiday hold period is 2 weeks.

What do you do if it rains?

Our sessions are held rain, hail or shine. During the cold Winter months, some of our classes move to our undercover training location at the Gosford Public School. That means that there is NO EXCUSES not to train!!! The classes that are held at the Gosford Waterfront take place on the grassy area between the Gosford Pool and the old Iguana Joe’s.

What do you I need to bring each session?

Bring a towel, water, sunscreen & a smile.

Can I bring a friend?

YES! We always offer a FREE TRIAL to all NEW clients; we are not sales people we are fitness trainers - our sales pitch is THE EXPERIENCE of a session and our culture. We only ask that you let us know PRIOR to them coming so that we can arrange a pre exercise form to be filled in. Remember, we ALWAYS offer “start a friend and get a month for free” - always....

How do I pay?

All payments are done through Ezidebit.

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