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Matrix Health and Fitness began operation in August 2010 as Boot Camps Australia Central Coast and is owned and operated by Trinity Roberts, who is a former co-owner of the Central Coast’s premier functional fitness gym. She has been in the fitness industry since the early 2000s and is a highly qualified Personal Trainer with years of experience in functional fitness training, martial arts and bootcamp training. Trinity holds her Certificate III & IV in Fitness as well as a Diploma of Nutrition (Non-Clinical). She has a Black Belt in Tae Kwondo, is a former kick boxer and has dabbled in Roller Derby too! Because of her almost 20 years experience, Trinity 100% knows how to design programs tailored to the needs women of all ages. Using the beautiful Gosford Waterfront as the primary venue, Trinity and her team hold classes all year round AND pride themselves on the amazing, friendly community they have created where everyone knows each other, supports one another and works as a team.

Have you ever said (or thought) any or ALL of these? If so then here is what Trinity has to say about them.

"I'll start training once I'm fitter"
This is a really super common one that I hear most often. Very rarely do I have someone start that is at the fitness or health level that is their ultimate goal, in fact I don't think it's ever happened. It’s literally about just STARTING. You will look back in 6 months and you will so not regret simply starting your journey.

"I'll be so slow"
So here's the thing, no matter who you are on your health and fitness journey - EVERYONE has to take the first step at some point and do their first session right? I am just like you I had to do my first burpee, my first run etc etc...! In fact I've had this conversation with many of our amazing MHaF clients when they were first starting too!

And lastly, "everyone will think I'm really unfit"
Nope. NOPE. No they will not. We all started, we are all on our own journey. Doing something, anything, just starting is better and NOT doing it - fact.

You are invited to come and work with Trinity and her Team who believe not just in providing training, but also creating a fun and educational environment where you simply can’t help but become fitter and healthier.

Contact Trinity on 0412 012 952
or email at [email protected]

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